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CJCB & K94

322 Charlotte Street

Phone: 564-5596
Fax: 564-1057

  K94  -  The new K94 will feature
          the best mix of the 80's
          & 90's. K94 will feature
          artists such as Rod Stewart,
          Elton John, Bryan Adams 
          and Phil Collins along with
          todays hottest groups 
          including Alanis Morissette,
          the Spice Girls and Savage

 CJCB  -  CJCB will be home to Cape
          Breton's country favorites
          and will remain the regions
          #1 information station. 
          CJCB will feature artists 
          such as Alabama and George
          Strait along with today's
          favorites such as Garth 
          Brooks, Shania Twain and the 
          Rankins. The popular "Celtic
          Serenade" will also be moving 
          to CJCB.

For Cape Bretons greatest variety, and all the hits.

Tune into CJCB/K94

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