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North Sydney Mall North Sydney Mall

116 King Street
North Sydney
Phone: 794-4703

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Talk about a Great Place to Shop!

The North Sydney Mall was one of the first businesses to locate to the King Street area. Since this time the mall has been insturmental in attracting new business to King Street to serve all of your shopping needs. We offer the convienience of one stop shopping.

The North Sydney Mall is a climate controlled, smoke free, shopping centre conviently located in the heart of downtown North Sydney. Our mall contains over 25 stores. Our dedication to our coustomers and local community during our 15 years of service have made us not only a shopping centre but a meeting place for friends and familly.

Were open Monday thru Saturday 10am til 9:30 pm

For information on leasing contact Paul Carrigan

Tel: (902) 794-4703
Fax: (902) 794-2121

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